CoinSutra team also uses all these exchanges but we use mainly Ledger Nano X for storing any cryptocurrency if we have to hold it for more than a couple of days. Even if you use it for a few days, we recommend you use it with proper 2FA authentication. Lastly, do check out their mobile apps (Android App | iOS App) because they are good enough to be used while trading on the go. Also, you will never face a liquidity issue while using Binance because it constantly ranks in the top 3 exchanges on CMC by volume.

For customers requiring advanced technical analysis, Coinbase offers an Advanced Trade product with additional security features. This product is a great option for traders who need access to more in-depth technical analysis tools and advanced trading features. “Made for you, by you,” promises this New York-based company, founded in 2017. The commission-free platform enables trading in 44-plus cryptocurrencies with a $1 minimum. It’s beta-testing an ewallet for crypto, which will allow users to buy, store and transfer crypto in one place, the website says.

You can follow the Road to Millions, build wealth and increase your net worth using a single trading course. With compatibility across all devices, MEXC app offers a seamless, secure, and accessible trading environment for beginners. Kraken is a standout choice among cryptocurrency platforms and is especially known for its competitive, low-spread trading.

What is the best beginner crypto trading platform

If your position is liquidated, you’ll also pay a liquidation fee in many cases. Crypto leverage trading refers to borrowing against your trading assets to create larger trading positions. A leverage trade lets you control a larger amount of assets with a smaller initial investment amount. Leverage trades center on perpetual futures, with a minimum leverage of 5x and a maximum of 20x to 100x, depending on the traded asset. PrimeXBT offers one of the cleanest trading interfaces you’ll find anywhere, allowing you to focus on trades without pop-ups or clutter.

Other types of wallets include mobile apps and desktop wallets which are more convenient to use but do not have the same high level of security. To find out which wallet is best to use, read our comparison of the best crypto wallets based on our reviews. Storing cryptocurrency on a US cryptocurrency trading exchange can be risky. The security of the asset is left to the exchange and can be vulnerable to hacks and theft with multiple exchange hacks occurring each year. This means hackers can’t steal Bitcoin unless they have access to private keys.

  • With compatibility across all devices, MEXC app offers a seamless, secure, and accessible trading environment for beginners.
  • Additionally, the site is easy to navigate as core features are highlighted clearly.
  • It’s a great option for those new to the crypto world due to its user-friendly approach.

It is also one of the few companies with the necessary licenses to operate in all but one US state. It holds the highly coveted NYDFS-issued BitLicense, which allows crypto-related businesses to carry on business within the state of New York. For a cryptocurrency exchange to be considered a global platform, it needs to offer its services to customers in several countries. Our worthy recommendation in this category is the platform that covers the widest geographical location and offers a comprehensive suite of products and services. Liquidity is a measure of how easy it is to convert an asset into cash. This factor is important because you want to choose a platform with high trade volume for the particular asset you are interested in buying, selling, or trading.

What is the best beginner crypto trading platform

The platform stands out for its detailed charts and variety of order types, which can be a great educational tool for beginners looking to deepen their understanding of market dynamics. Bitfinex also emphasizes security and user support, making it a reliable choice for those new to cryptocurrency trading. Founded in 2017, KuCoin has quickly become a popular choice among new cryptocurrency traders. The platform is renowned for its simplicity and ease of navigation, catering to users who may be less familiar with crypto trading interfaces. A more sophisticated type of trade — using “buy” and “sell” orders — is more convoluted and less user-friendly, especially for beginners. But these trades are also considerably less expensive, with “maker” and “taker” fees costing between 0.1% to 0.5% of the transaction value.

Because they are slower and often offer a clunky interface, only experienced users and those with heightened privacy concerns take to them. If you have to undergo identity verification, that is a clear sign that the platform is centralized. Cryptocurrency activities like purchasing, trading, holding, and selling have inherent risks. CoinSutra and its writers are not responsible for any investment losses from acting on website or social media content. In terms of volume too, it ranks in the top 25 exchanges on CMC and has a program in which they keep adding new coins/tokens on their exchange regularly.

Binance offers various earning opportunities, including staking, savings accounts, and yield farming for over 100 coins. For experienced traders, Binance provides a suite of advanced trading options such as various order types, automated trades, and charting tools to enhance their trading experience. The platform is registered with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) and has a private insurance fund worth $US1 billion if anything was to happen to the assets on the platform.

What is the best beginner crypto trading platform

You can use your own crypto wallet in many cases to store, trade and carry out transactions using cryptocurrency. Examples of popular crypto apps and exchanges include Coinbase, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, and MetaMask, a browser extension that functions as a decentralized exchange and wallet. These platforms often integrate educational resources, making them some of the best crypto apps for beginners looking to dive into the world of digital currencies. For cryptocurrency trading beginners, an ideal platform needs to be easy to use, secure and accessible through mobile and web.

This British Virgin Islands-based company, founded in Hong Kong in 2012, made news in 2022 when a New York couple allegedly hacked the site to the tune of $8 billion. Users can trade about 10 crypto and a handful of fiat currencies, and its website claims a “world class” trading platform with exchanging, margin funding, margin trading features and more. There are several different fee structures to be aware of when using crypto exchanges.

OKX also provides leveraged spot trades for 10 pairs with 10x leverage available. Futures trades offer up to 125x leverage, with the highest levels available for crypto-margined trades. MEXC is quickly becoming a favorite amongst traders who want advanced trading features and a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. Low trading fees help round out the value proposition, but MEXC also offers leverage crypto trading on 100+ assets, including BTC, ETH, and a wide range of altcoins. With approximately 30 million registered users and a higher trading volume than any competitor, Binance is the most popular exchange globally.

Securities offered through Robinhood Financial LLC and Robinhood Securities LLC, which are members of FINRA and SIPC. Most exchanges also allow you to do auto-buys so that you can have an automated purchase each week or month. This allows you to dollar-cost average given how volatile cryptocurrencies can be and not buy a large sum all at one.

Another reason is the platform’s fee schedule, which boasts some of the lowest maker and taker fees we could find. If you don’t want to use your exchange’s built-in wallet (if applicable), you’ll need to set up an external crypto wallet, such as one of the best bitcoin wallets, to store your assets securely. Be aware that these interest-paying options can carry risks, and may put your assets at risk. The SEC argues that platforms involved in lending or staking crypto assets may be subject to the federal securities laws. As a result, several U.S. crypto platforms have already withdrawn these products.